6.3 Big Ear


  • To do another tracing of our construction drawing
  • To finish our final drawing
  • To bring character to our final drawing

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We now have a beautiful construction drawing, but...our drawing paper looks messy by all the corrections. To get a beautiful fine end result we are going to use a good quality drawing paper for the final drawing. Please proceed by transferring the construction drawing to your final good paper.


Repeat the steps as explained in the previous lesson and transfer your drawing to final good quality drawing paper.

Finishing the drawing
The first thing we do now is to softly and slowly define the line of the traced drawing on the new paper. Go very slow in order to avoid erasing. Slowly redraw the traced drawing by going over it with HB. Make sure to precisely copy the traced lines. The aim here at this stage is to make sure we have clear lines so we know what to work with in what comes next.

Slowly do the hatching with 2B and make sure the strikes are following the same direction as seen on the original. Be precise in where you begin and end your lines. Don't rush.

Bring more character to your lines
Carefully observe the original plate. Some lines are very thick and black and others are a bit thinner and fine. Try to give your lines the same character. Lines that turn away from the light can be done a bit heavier, lines that are supposed to be in the light can be kept light and airy. Try to vary your lines. Compare very closely to the original ear plate.

Congratulations! You finished your drawing!


Now you have done the whole proces of building a drawing in a systematic manner:

  • Making decisions on helplines - checking
  • Plotting co√∂rdinates - checking
  • Making a straight line drawing - checking
  • Transferring to new paper
  • Modelling your drawing - checking
  • Transferring to final drawing paper
  • Finishing the drawing

Please remember this proces, it is very valuable and when following this order systematically you will be capable of making any drawing.


Now also draw the second big ears by following this method.

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